Equalization is important to maintain equitable assessments among classes of property and among assessing jurisdictions. This contributes to a fair distribution of state aid, such as aid to schools. It also helps to equally distribute the total tax burden within the area.

Equalization occurs on an entire class of property, not on individual property. Also, equalization occurs on an assessing jurisdiction basis, not on a statewide basis.

Protesting Equalization Orders

Protests are accepted to the Board of Review between October 9th up and including October 21st. The protests must be in writing and may be taken to the Assessor's Office in the Courthouse in Eldora or mailed to the Board of Review at:
Board of Review
c/o Assessor's Office
1215 Edgington Avenue
Suite 2
Eldora, IA 50627

The Board of Review can only remove the amount of the increase due to the equalization order. The decision made by the Board of Review will be mailed to the taxpayer.

A taxpayer may file an appeal with the Property Assessment Appeal Board within 20 days after the Board of Review's adjournment. Alternately, the taxpayer may bypass the Property Assessment Appeal Board and appeal to District Court in Hardin County.