FAQ - Veteran License Designation


How do I get a "veteran" designation on your driver's license or non-operator identification card?


Honorably discharged veterans are eligible to have a “veteran” designation placed on their driver’s license (DL) or non-operator identification (ID).

To be authorized to get the veteran designation placed on your DL or ID card, you must first present a copy of your DD 214 or applicable discharge document to the county Veterans Affairs office.That office will confirm your veteran status and complete the required Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) application form (PDF). Take the completed form with you to the DL issuance location. The veteran designation will be added to your DL or ID card when it is issued.

Expedited Authorization
To expedite the authorization process, you can also bring a completed Iowa DOT application form (PDF) with you to the county Veteran’s Affairs office, along with your DD 214. The application form must be certified by the County Veterans Affairs Office or the Iowa Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

For More Information
More information can be found on the Iowa DOT Driver’s License Renewal page.