Treasurer's Office - Property Tax

New Ownership

If you are a new owner of a property, contact the Treasurer's Office at 641-939-8230 or by email, to update the mailing address and obtain a tax statement if you have not received one.


You will receive a tax statement from the Treasurer's Office, regardless if you have a mortgage or not. You do not need to send this statement to your mortgage company. If your taxes are in escrow, please do not send a separate tax payment to the Treasurer's Office.

If your mortgage company is responsible for payment of your tax, you may check online to verify they have been paid. Generally, escrow payments are made in the last week before taxes are due.

Annual Tax Sale

The annual tax sale is held the third Monday in June at 9 a.m. Any delinquency must be offered for sale at the Regular or Public Bidder Tax Sale. The registration fee for a tax bidder is $25.