Money & Personal Items

For security reasons, the only item or article allowed to be accepted through this office is money. The facility does provide a number of detainee conveniences which are deducted from personal funds.

Outside Vendor Conveniences

Services available for a common market fee through an outside vendor include:
  • Telephone time
  • Commissary
  • Detainee Snacks
  • Brand name hygiene products
  • Haircuts, etc.

Deposit at Jail

Visitors may deposit money into inmate accounts at the facility through an automated teller service. Funds deposited in this manner must be in the form of cash, credit or debit card.

Processing Fee

Funds deposited at the facility, either for inmate accounts or bond are subject to a processing fee through the automated teller service.

Deposit Online

Deposits may be made online by creating an account through the JailATM website. Follow the simple prompts to set up an account by clicking the "Sign In" button.

Deposit Through Mail

Alternatively, funds may also be mailed to any detainee of the facility simply by sending the detainee the funds either in the form of cash, cashier's check, or money order.

Personal checks are not accepted for payment of any account or service.

Service Fees & Restrictions for Mail Deposits

  • Funds mailed to the detainee population are not subject to the teller service fee.
  • Please make sure that money orders are completely filled out and that the information is correct. Incomplete or incorrect money orders will be immediately returned to the sender.

Personal Item Rules

  • All personal items including clothing, supplies, or travel necessities must be mailed to the facility and may not be dropped off at the facility.
  • All personal items must be sent through the regular mail service of by courier and are subject to routine screening procedures.
  • Medications are not accepted from outside sources either in person or by mail.
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainee property may not exceed 40 pounds total weight at any time.