Manure Pumping Under Roads Permit

Persons wanting to cross county roads with hoses or pipeline for the purpose of applying liquid manure from livestock facilities must submit a Road Crossing for Manure Application Using Hoses or Pipeline Permit Application (PDF) to the Hardin County Engineer's Office.

Required Application Attachments

The applicant must also attach:
  1. A map showing the location of the requested crossing and a spill prevention and
  2. A control plan specifying which drainage facilities will be protected from a potential liquid manure spill and how they will protected.
Please consult the following sample plans for examples on what an applicant's submitted plan might look like:

For More Information

For further guidelines and conditions, please consult Hardin County's Road Crossing Manure Policy (PDF) concerning this matter.

Application & Permit Submission

All applications and permits can be faxed to the Engineer's Office at 641-858-3182 or emailed to Lori Kohart. They may also be mailed to:

Hardin County Engineer's Office
708 16th Street
Eldora, IA 50627

Questions & Concerns

Please contact the Engineer's Office at 641-858-5058 with any questions or concerns about permits and applications.