Real Estate

The Auditor’s Office enters and maintains records of all real estate transfers in the county by keeping the plat maps and transfer books current so the public can examine the books to determine property ownership. The maintenance of these records ensures that the property taxes reflect the current ownership of property. 

The Auditor’s Office works closely with the realtors, attorneys, surveyors, abstractors, property owners, and other individuals who deal with real estate transactions.
An image outlining the deed process in Hardin County as a flow chart between offices.

Real Estate Documents & Maps

Much of the information kept in the Auditor’s Office is also available online. Visit the Hardin County GIS Beacon website to view property information, property maps, and Hardin County aerial photography.

Iowa Land Records

Recorded real estate documents in Iowa can be found on the Iowa Land Records website, the official statewide document website sponsored by elected county officials.

Plat Books

Hard copy Hardin County plat books are also available for a fee in the Recorder’s Office.