Native Vegetation

Why Native Vegetation? As long-lived perennials adapted to local growing conditions, native plants provide durable cover for Iowa's roadsides. The roots of these plants typically reach depths of 6 to 15 feet. This enables them to withstand drought conditions, high salt concentrations and other environmental stresses. Native grasses are warm-season species that, instead of going dormant, continue to thrive and grow through the long, hot summer.

Root System Native Plants


Benefits of a diverse mix of native vegetation:

  • Improved erosion control and slope stabilization 
  • Adaptation to a wide range of soil conditions 
  • Greater ability to combat weeds 
  • Increased infiltration of storm water runoff 
  • Increased capture of blowing and drifting snow 
  • Improved habitat for pheasants, songbirds and important pollinator species 
  • Beautification with colorful wildflowers and native grasses 
  • Restoration of our natural heritage.