Septic Systems

Many citizens who live in unincorporated areas of Hardin County are unable to connect to public wastewater disposal systems. Under such circumstances, they are required to have and use an authorized private wastewater disposal system. The rules and regulations for a private system are outlined in Iowa Administrative Code, Chapter 69

Improperly treated wastewater can be a hazard to the environment and to human health. There are specific distances and setbacks that are required in the installation of any wastewater disposal system which aid in preventing contamination of resources, and thus, waterborne illnesses.

​Updating or Installing a System

Before a private wastewater disposal system is updated or installed, it is required for a permit to be filed with the Hardin County Sanitarian. A permit fee of $250 must also be enclosed with the permit. Any updates or installations to a private sewage system must be in accordance with Chapter 69 of Iowa Code.