The Hardin County Sheriff and Sheriff's Deputies are the police force for residents of the unincorporated areas of the county, and by contract, provide law enforcement for the cities of:
  • Alden
  • Buckeye
  • Hubbard
  • New Providence
  • Radcliffe
  • Steamboat Rock
  • Union
  • Whitten
hardin sheriff badge

The Sheriff's Office handles all routine and emergency calls for these areas, and regularly patrols all areas of the county. 

Law Enforcement Center

The Hardin County Law Enforcement Center was completed in July 2000 and houses the Sheriff's Office, E911 Communications Center, and the Correctional Center, which is the facility that constitutes the county jail.

Administration Office

The Administration Office is the main contact office for the Sheriff's Office. Administration handles all bills and is the first point of contact when you call or visit the Hardin County Law Enforcement Center. 

Questions & Concerns

Please contact the Sheriff's Office at 641-939-8189 or 800-568-4373 with any questions about the Hardin County Sheriff's Office.