Clerk of Court

State Judicial Branch Officer

The Hardin County Clerk of Court is not a county office, but is a part of the Judicial Branch in the state government of Iowa.

Clerk of Court Duties

In each of Iowa's 99 counties, a clerk of district court office manages and maintains all trial records filed in the county. Clerks of court have hundreds of administrative duties, some of which include:
  • Accepting and processing fines, fees, and court costs owed to the state, child support checks, and civil judgments owed to the litigants.
  • Disposing of scheduled violations that are not contested and do not require a court hearing.
  • Maintaining a record of liens on real estate.
  • Notifying state and local government agencies, including law enforcement agencies, of court orders.


Tina Thomason, Clerk of Court
Michelle Ryan, Judicial Specialist IV
Kelly Reisinger Steinfeldt, Judicial Specialist III
Allison Munro, Judicial Specialist III

For More Information

Please visit the Iowa Judicial Branch website for more information about online court records, paying fines online, and additional information regarding the Iowa court system.

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