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Sick or Injured Wildlife

Disclaimer: Hardin County Conservation does not offer professional or legal wildlife rehabilitation services. 

“Leave wildlife babies where they belong -- in the wild.” -  IA DNR News Release

If you have found a sick or injured wildlife, contact one of the providers below:

 Black Hawk Wildlife Rehab

This professional rehab organization is equipped to handle mammals, fowl, reptiles and amphibians.

Phone: 319-277-6511


SOAR: Saving our Avian Resources

Raptor Rehabilitation

Phone: 712-830-6116


Brad Mohr Wildlife Control

Nuisance Wildlife Removal 

1104 Siloam Ave., Iowa Falls, IA, 50126

Phone: 319-270-6225

Email: mohrb17@hotmail.com


Iowa Wildlife Center

Iowa DNR - Iowa Wildlife Rehab


Iowa DNR - Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators

Report a Hunting Violation

If you would like to report a Wildlife Crime or Hunting Violation, please contact the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. 

The DNR Conservation Officer assigned to Hardin County is:

Nate Carr, Conservation Officer

Hardin & Hamilton County

Cell: 515-238-2047

Email: nate.carr@dnr.iowa.gov

Submit a Turn in Poachers (TIP)Call 1-800-532-2020 or submit your TIP online.

More information about the Law Enforcement Bureau under the Iowa DNR can be found on the Iowa DNR Law Enforcement website.

Iowa Ornithologists' Union

"Bringing together birders of all skill levels". The Iowa Ornithologists Union is an organization and resource for both beginner and experienced birders. Providing resources like where to bird, how to bird, and how to link with professionals in ornithology are some of the key attributes here. With a slogan like "WHO is an ornithologist?, YOU are an ornithologist!", they promote a rare developmental experience for all visitors and residents in our state to become involved in an enjoyable citizen science program.

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

"Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (INHF) is a statewide 501 (c)(3) nonprofit conservation organization that works with private landowners and public agencies to protect and restore Iowa’s land, water and wildlife. Since our founding in 1979, our supporters and staff have protected more than 185,000 acres of Iowa’s natural resources."